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    Joey Reynolds is not dead, though the rumors have the always-creative radio legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DJ, and digital creator, styling himself as “The Late Joey Reynolds.”


    Joey’s long career stretches back to the early 1960s in Hartford (WPOP, WDRC), Buffalo (WKBW), Cleveland (WIXY), Detroit (WXYZ), L.A. (KMPC) and Philadelphia (WIBG and WFIL) - with many other stops along the way.


    From 1996 to 2010, Joey held court in the wee small hours of the morning in national syndication on WOR Radio in New York. More recently, you saw him on digital cable and streaming online (WNBC and WABC). Today, check out the links at the bottom of this page and you can follow "The Late Joey Reynolds" on all major social media platforms.


    Every week, you'll enjoy his insightful, stream-of-consciousness commentaries, live video from his travels, and a treasure trove of audio and video content from his vast archives!





    Top 40 radio personality



    A pioneer of the brash, no-holds-barred style that came to dominate morning shows on rock radio in the 1990s, Joey Reynolds began working as a deejay at small stations in 1960. In 1963 he returned to his hometown of Buffalo, New York, where he worked at WKBW, the powerhouse station whose signal reached two-thirds of North America. Mixing traditional Top 40 histrionics with rants and raves about anyone who had upset him—be it his boss or his listeners—he became a sensation and moved on to stations in Cleveland and Detroit. After jumping around to Hartford, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York City, he landed in Miami in the late 1980s, working on both radio and television and later hosting a nationally syndicated, all-night radio talk show.


    Ben Fong-Torres


    The Early Years



    The Joey Reynolds Show started on Television in Buffalo, New York on WGR TV 2. Joey’s first RADIO job was on WWOL-AM in Buffalo with Dick Purtan; later a Detroit radio star. Then Reynolds landed at WKWK, Wheeling, WV; and moved to several esteemed stations, including his legendary stay (and departure) at WKBW in Buffalo, WDRC in Hartford, WIXY in Cleveland, KQV in Pittsburgh, KMPC and KRTH in Los Angeles, and WIBG & WFIL in Philadelphia.






    Building a Solid Future



    Reynolds rose to fame as a Top 40 radio personality during the 1960s and 1970s, amassing huge audiences in places such as Hartford, Connecticut, Cleveland, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and his hometown of Buffalo, New York. Joey Reynolds was named Billboard Magazine’s DJ of the Year three times. He is often regarded as the originator of "shock-jock radio"—garnering widespread publicity for some outlandish on and off-air stunts; including playing “Sherry” by the 4 Seasons for hours on end, locking himself in the studio. Police were called in due to the local hysteria. As a thank you, the 4 Seasons produced a special radio jingle for the introduction of his daily radio show. Joey has been a friend to Frankie Valli and the rest of the group ever since. Reynolds was the focus of a two-part series on The Oprah Winfrey Show concerning talk radio personalities, on which more than a dozen of Reynolds' media peers paid tribute to him. Moreover, he has been invited to speak about entertainment media at several radio industry conferences. During his time in Buffalo, he and fellow DJ Danny Neaverth recorded a novelty single entitled "Rats in My Room" on the same U.S.A. record label that released a song by some unknown group from Liverpool, England. That tune was “She Loves You.”


    The Beatles



    Reynolds and Neaverth, on behalf of WKBW, were offered the chance to bring The Beatles to Buffalo Memorial Auditorium on February 10, 1964, the day after the band had appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. It would have been the Beatles' first concert in North America. Unwilling to risk the $3500 appearance fee for a Monday night concert in the usually snow-laden Upstate, New York February weather for an unproven band without a guarantee of selling-out the auditorium, the two declined the offer. It was not until after Beatlemania swept the nation that they acknowledged it was a mistake to turn down the offer. In the three years the band toured North America, the Beatles never did perform a show in Buffalo.


    Afternoon Drive



    Joey Reynolds was then mostly known as a disc jockey; playing records on music- intensive radio stations from the very late 1950s until the mid-1980s; including a stint at Z100 in NYC. In 1986, he arrived at 66 WNBC at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, doing what’s called “afternoon drive”—replacing Howard Stern. WNNNBC had moved into a more talk-intensive full-service format with music taking a backseat. Reynolds was asked to play a mixture of oldies and current adult contemporary tunes along with comedy skits (that included some now famous comedians) lots of A-List star guests, and of course, Joey’s personality. His show was live on the air when the station's traffic helicopter crashed into the Hudson River, killing actress/comedian Jane Dornacker. Reynolds exited WNBC at the end of February 1987.


    Talk Show Host



    In Denver, Colorado, he hosted a radio-television simulcast on KOA-AM, and launched (and hosted) the first nationwide satellite radio programming featured on more than 35 radio stations nationwide. His next stations invited him to do morning shows (mainly in South Florida) and at that point Joey had evolved into more of a talk intensive air-talent. By 1995, Joey was no longer playing music on his program; it just got in the way. In 1996 he arrived at WOR-AM in New York. He’s been a talk show host since; something that clearly was inevitable. While Reynolds' present persona can be considered mellower by comparison to his earlier days, he still retains a loyal, and perhaps more thoughtful audience.


    Coast to Coast



    On March 10, 2010, it was revealed that WOR would pick up Coast to Coast AM from Premiere Radio and would cancel "The Joey Reynolds Show" after a lengthy run. That syndicated program had been previously heard on cross-town rival WABC for several years, before that station dropped the show in favor of an in-house offering, which led the syndicator to seek WOR as their New York affiliate.) Reynolds' last show, which was humorously segregated into the "Final Gay Hour," the "Final Jewish Hour" and "The Final Hour," aired the morning of April 3, 2010.


    All Night And Beyond



    Reynolds didn’t miss a beat, as he later hosted a unique talk/variety TV program called All Night with Joey Reynolds on WNBC-DT2, the digital sub-channel of television station WNBC-TV known as "New York Nonstop." It was broadcast live from the “Crossroads of the World” on the ground floor of the NASDAQ building in Times Square at 43rd Street and Broadway. Reynolds was reunited with his former WNBC radio sidekick, Jay Sorensen, as the program's announcer/sidekick. The weeknight series ended on April 25, 2011.


    Reynolds' career memoir is titled, Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella, But Don’t Get a Mouthful of Rain.


    A later project included iPot—a documentary filmed entirely on an iPad—featuring several celebrities, and spotlighting his special relationship with one of his daughters who legally grew medical marijuana in California.


    Joey currently resides in Florida and New York.



        WNCO, Ashland, Ohio
        WWOL, Buffalo, New York
        WKWK, Wheeling, West Virginia
        WAME, Miami, Florida
        KQAQ, Austin, Minnesota (1960–61)
        WNDR, Syracuse, New York (1961–62)
        WPOP, Hartford, Connecticut (1962–63)
        WKBW, Buffalo, New York (1963–66)
        WDOK/WIXY, Cleveland, Ohio (1966)
        WXYZ, Detroit, Michigan (1966)
        WDRC, Hartford, Connecticut (1968–1971)
        WIBG, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1971–73)
        WHLW, [Howell, New Jersey]] (1973–75)
        KQV, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1975–76)
        KMPC, Los Angeles, California (1976–80)
        KRTH, Los Angeles, California (1980–81)
        WGAR, Cleveland, Ohio (1981–83)
        WHTZ, New York City, New York (1983)
        WHYT, Detroit, Michigan (1983–84)
        KMGG, Los Angeles, California (1984)
        WFIL, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1984–1986)
        WNBC, New York City, New York (1986–87)
        WSHE, Miami, Florida (1988)
        WQAM, WIOD and WPLG-TV, Miami, Florida (1988–90)
        WFLY, Albany, New York (1990–94)
        WBZT, West Palm Beach, Florida (1994–96)
        WOR, New York City, New York and national syndication (1996–2010)
        WNBC-DT2, New York City, New York (2011)


    Media, Charity, Private and More

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    A unique documentary about medical marijuana personally narrated by legendary broadcast artist, Joey Reynolds. It was recently one of the featured films in the Nyack Film Festival which previewed on Saturday August 15th at the Nyack Village Theater on Main Street in Nyack.

    Soon to preview at Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals.



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